Cutscene | Through the Rust
Cutscene | Through the Rust

Cutscene | Through the Rust

SCENERY: One of the many slums the suburbs of the megalopolis New Isefet, south of the moon Apophia, have begeted over the years. Poverty and sickness have been repulsed over there, wiped from the big city centers. But here is different. Here, there is hope. And you and your team found out the reason why: an artifact hidden here keeps the disease in a delayed state… in a given area.

SHABNAM (midly sarcastic)
We’re here. Now what? We walk in and ask them to give us their precious health item?

ARSHAD (remaining serious)
I don’t think they’ll give it away so easily.

SHABNAM (positively sarcastic)
No way! Now what makes you think that?

ARSHAD (pensive)
It’s a shame Azadeh isn’t here with us.

SHABNAM (irritated)
Is it, though? God, am I fed up.

Of what?

Of you, your Insurrection, and your own self-righteousness!
How hard is it not to try and drag my sister into every drama you choose to divert yourself with?

Shabnam, this is important. We could save millions.

SHABNAM (rhetorically)
Why do you think the folks here wouldn’t just hand us the artefact?

ARSHAD (hesitating)
Because… I guess because they’d fear…

Because they’d die, Arshad. That’s fucking why.

Not if we return it soon enough.

And when is soon enough?

Arshad looks at the ground. Shabnam hit a nerve here.


You don’t know. That’s the point.
You’re just gambling here – the way you people do.

At least we’re trying to help.

I don’t see why you need me. With this kind of benevolence,
you might as well shoot them all and take what you want.

That is not our way.

Sure. Whatever you say.

I’m serious. We do not kill civilians.

SHABNAM (under her breath)

What was that?

You heard me. Fine, I’ll use my hologram magic for you.
We’re going in, you hide behind the projection, and you do not make a sound.

While explaining how she’ll help him get into the slum and to their objective, Shabnam points at a wall, then a gallery.

Got it.

SHABNAM (mimicking him)
I’m serious. Get caught on my watch and you won’t have to worry about the Rust anymore.

ARSHAD (ironic)
You know, I’m very fond of our collaboration. Partners should always feel this safe with each other.

SHABNAM (ignoring him)
The more we advance, the more people we’ll pass by.
At some point, I won’t be able to project the holograms anymore.
You’ll be in plain sight. I’ll make it through the roofs,
and you’ll have to switch from silent to swift.
I guess you could hide from stall to stall though. I don’t really care.

And how do we get out once we recover the artefact?

Let me worry about getting out.

GAMEPLAY OBJECTIVE (HUD): Get to the center of the slum unnoticed.