Barks | Julia Yarusenai
Barks | Julia Yarusenai

Barks | Julia Yarusenai

These are a series of barks I created for my character Julia Yarusenai, playable character of an in-development project.

Trying to tame a ghostCome now, you unexplained beauty…
Trying to tame a ghostThere… I see you.
Trying to tame a ghostStop being such a coy.
Trying to tame a ghostCome with me.
Trying to tame a ghostWe can still grow, together!
Trying to tame a ghostCome on, I can’t be this frigntening.
Trying to tame a ghostWe can help each other.
Trying to tame a ghostWhat is it that you need? I’ll find a way.
Trying to tame a ghost(singing) Whatever death will do, I am here for you
Trying to tame a ghostYou solve mine, I’ll solve yours.
Losing patienceWould you mind coming handy?
Losing patienceI don’t have time for this.
Losing patienceWould it kill you to hurry?
Losing patienceIf you’re going to waste my time, just go.
Losing patienceShut up and act.
Losing patienceTo the point already!
Losing patienceCut the crap.
Losing patienceI’ll do it myself.
Losing patienceOh, for fuck’s sake.
Losing patienceHow much longer?
Kicking an assTake that.
Kicking an assDon’t come back, I’m busy.
Kicking an assAnd that’s all you’ve got?
Kicking an assThat’s right, old lady’s tough.
Kicking an assGo somewhere else now.
Kicking an assNot impressed.
Kicking an assYou’ll have to do better than that.
Kicking an assSurprise, young fucker.
Kicking an assAnd they trained you?
Kicking an assWell, that was easy.
Figuring something outThis is brilliant.
Figuring something outThink of the possibilities!
Figuring something outI knew it.
Figuring something outQuick, take notes!
Figuring something outSomeone’s gonna get Nobel Prize.
Figuring something outThis could change everything.
Figuring something outWe’ve been knowing so little!
Figuring something outHoly bloody fucking shit.
Figuring something outHow in the name of sanity didn’t I see it?
Figuring something outIt was there all along.