Mid-point (Écrire Poetry)


I don’t sleep • Growing • It’s not working • What if it doesn’t work ? • I can’t make it work • I don’t know who I am anymore anyway • roots • What if it’s not meant to be ? • You’re the most important person in my life and yet if you were to disappear, my schedule wouldn’t shake an inch. • What if I fail ? • I asked for that • It’s mute now, my instincts, they don’t tell me anything, or maybe I forgot how to listen AGAIN • I’m not alone •  I can’t go • I know that • I’ll always be alone, same as everyone • Maybe I don’t care enough • Too many shits given • right after having • What if it’s too late • Maybe I have already given up • and my body is ruined • I just need to keep working • I don’t trust them • I don’t know how • I know they’re somewhere but when I don’t see them it’s like I can’t even remember their faces • I love you pals • branches • and I can’t ever be as flexible again ? • I want to be here •  I never learnt how to focus • Everything will be okay in the end • I care too much • I miss you • grown • Come on, get your shit together already • You should be writing • And yet, I’m still struggling • I don’t have enough time • Sometimes I feel like I’m just spilling all my vulnerability over for people and I should just be putting it on paper • Guilt •  You told me my fear was good, that it meant I wasn’t unconscious, but what if I was ? • Nobody’s here • What the hell am I doing ? • The point is to grow • I can do it • Come what may • Protect myself • (It’s just freakin’ hard) • I’m just trouble waiting to happen • I can take a hint, but my soul won’t •  I just want to climb a tree and sleep there for a while • Everybody’s got their story to write and you’re no exception • GET BACK TO WORK •

… Yes. Yes, I can.
I can, and I will.


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